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I was lucky enough to be raised in a Christian household. (specifically Lutheran) I love the Lord with all my heart because I know that no matter what, He is there for me. I love going to church every week and being involved in it. However, I haven't been blind to how hard it is to live for God in our world. Especially as young women. I pray that my membership in PI will give me tools to make it easier, and allow me to share my experiences and knowledge to help other girls on their journey.A little extra info: I love music! I play clarinet in band, and spin in color guard with the marching band. (yes I'm a band geek!) I'm a middle child: two sisters. I love reading and history, as well as things and people who make me laugh. I'm a chocaholic. I hold my values very dear to me, and won't be afraid to be "different" because of them.

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