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About faithprincess

Hello, I's faithprincess. I became a Christian a few years ago after I started reading Christian books for girls.I like reading, drawing, knitting, and playing the piano.My fave books are Chosen girls a Christian book series for girls, Twilight, and Harry Potter.I love fantasy books because they take me away from real life for a while and I love to imagine what the places look like, I like Christian books for girls that I can relate to and learn something about being a faith girl. I mostly read books for tweens ages 8 - 12 because most teen books discuss topics that I can't relate to at all.I love playing the piano it creates beautiful music, I really love knitting my fave things to knit are fingerless gloves, shawls and other small projects.God and my family mean the world to me, I don't know where I would be without them.

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