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About FangirlingBibliophile

I am a Catholic homeshooled girl who loves to read, fangirl, play the piano, dabble in ukulele, sing, and be with my family, friends, and pets! Things I love: sweaters, skirts, croissants, anchors, tall ships, chocolate, tea, antique books, poetry, the sea, Disney, classical music, soundtracks, curly hair, and strawberries with cream. Some of my favourite books are: The Chronicles of Narnia,The Phantom of the Opera, Peter Pan, LotR, The Hobbit, The Inheritance Cycle, North and South, Gone With the Wind, Pride and Prejudice, Jack and Jill, An Old-Fashioned Girl, The Father Brown Series, Sherlock Holmes (even though I haven't read all of them! For shame!), Dancing Through the Snow, and The Case for Christianity. Fandoms: WhoAvengLock, Robin Hood, LotR. Favourite Movies and TV Shows: LotR, Peter Pan, The Hobbit, Doctor Who, Robin Hood (BBC, Errol Flynn, and Disney), Captain America 1 & 2, North and South, and Persuasion. Check out my Pinterest! My username is gabrielawj.

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