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About findingthelord

My username is pretty self-explanatory, but to expound: My faith isn’t what it used to be growing up, when I started looking at the world and how so many horrible things happen my faith in God vanished and I started to question Him. Today, however, I want that faith back. I want to understand God more and become closer to Him. Usually when I’m asked if I believe in God I’m quick to say “yes”, but I’m always questioning Him. I’m always wondering if He’s there. Most days there’s just that gut feeling He exists, though other days there’s doubt. I sin everyday and everyday I feel guilty or embarrassment; I make a lot of mistakes and I have bad habits I want to go away. I’m hoping the Father in Heaven will reach out His hand and help me.I also run the tumblr blog: http://findingthelord.tumblr.com/

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