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    I've been a Christian since age 5, but my real relationship with Jesus began in my teens. I serve Him as a Sunday School teacher for kids ages 2-4. I also love singing, but I am very shy, so I never sing in public. I pray that God helps me overcome my shyness so that one day, soon I can worship Him at church with my voice! I also love to draw! I always post my drawings on instagram and twitter! I have a blog, too! It's

    What’s in a Fabulous Wardrobe? By PI Girl Gaby

    God likes fashion, too...just not the kind you’re thinking of!

    Act Like It, By PI Girl Gaby

    If you are a believer, yay! Your old life no longer exists. You have a brand-new life. Christ is your life.

    You Are Loved, By PI Girl Gaby

    Ever feel unloved? Maybe you need a reminder of how much God loves which case, you need to read this article now!


    I am fearfully and wonderfully made! God gave me a gentle and sweet personality. It has taken me a while to realize that I...