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I'm Harley (aka Luna). I am a Social Justice Crusader. I am 100% Pro-Life and 100% PRO-GAY. If you don't like it, i really don't wish to hear it. You can find me on the fb group TCOF. I am totally obsessed with 1950's pin ups and modern pin ups. I believe that love is love and that the passage in Leviticus saying "A man may not lay with another man as he lays with a woman" should not be translated literally. We don't translate the passages that say you will be put to death for: disobeying your parents, eating shellfish (yuck!), wearing mixed fabrics, divorcing, or having sex while not married. Thus proving my point that God does not hate gays, because if He did, He wouldn't have made us so fabulous. :D just to put it out there... ravenclaw! I have focus/attention problems, a severe social anxiety disorder, suffer from severe depression, and self harm. I love Sherlock, Grey's Anatomy, and Bones. I want to be a doctor (not precisely sure what flavour yet). I'm gay. HEY.

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