Hi, I'm Rachel, but most people call me Chels. I am a homeschooling junior, and older sister to two younger sisters and a little brother. I have a photography business and hope to pursue a major/career in cinematography. Project Inspired has served as a safe haven for me to receive and offer advice from and to other girls. My Christian walk with Christ and my journey with Him so far has proved to be a great testimony in my life and in the lives of others. To those who haven't formed a personal relationship with Jesus yet, I really encourage you to think about it. Jesus is now my best friend--someone I can be open and 100% honest with. Visit my blog:

    What Is Beauty? By PI Girl Chels

    Society defines "beauty" for us every day...but if God created all of us perfectly, then how can we say what is beautiful and what isn't?

    Why I’m Waiting for Love, By PI Girl Chels

    "I wait for love because God wants all of me before I enter a relationship."

    “Dear Broken Heart…” By PI Girl Chels

    If you're suffering from a broken heart, read this letter and remember your true worth!

    The Miracle of Forgiveness, By PI Girl Chels

    Having trouble forgiving someone who hurt you? Try it—you might find surprising rewards, like this girl did when she forgave her ex-bf.


    It's not always easy to feel confident about your appearance since as human beings, we are prone to wanting approval from man. But as I've...