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I'm Elizabeth. I'm a Catholic and I love Papa Francesco :) I am a passionate pro-life activist and I started a pro-life group at my school. I'm pro-life because I know that abortion and birth control hurt women as well as society. I know that marriage= one man and one woman, because it is intended for procreation, not "pleasure". The gay "marriage" movement seeks not "equal rights", but a redefinition of marriage. And, as marriage is the core of society, a redefinition of society, that is, to move us farther away from God, Truth, and all that is good and natural. Anywayy, I love horses. I've been riding since I was 7 years old. Don't know what I'd do without them.My favorite authors are G.K Chesterton, James Herriot , JRR Tolkien. Guys I am a Lord of the Rings FREAKKKK :) Seen it 23 times, read it 12 times :)I plan on going to Wyoming Catholic College and I want to be a cop or a pro-life activist when I grow up.PS Kili from the Hobbit is the best !TRUTH=GOD <3

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