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My mom and dad were christians when they got married... so I have been a "christian" my whole life. I went to church (sometimes), but I wasn't a real christian. During church I would run around the church during service with my sister... I was a big brat back then. In the winter of 2009 we moved to GA (we were previously in CO) because of my dads job. We were sad to be moving so far away from ALL of our family. Of course, back then I was mad at God because he took us away from our family. I didn't have a lot of knowledge about God and christianity, so I didn't know that everything happened for a reason. Two years later, in 2011, we joined a church 45 minutes away from us that my dad's co-worker goes to. That was the reason why God wanted us to move to GA, because now we are closer to him, we know more than we did before, and we are SO much happier. We still go to that same church and we are happy even though the church is small.

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