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I am almost fourteen years old, I will be in April. Hmm, oh, I have been a Christian for as lo as I can remember...My testimony is very simple actually. I haven't went through what a lot a girls have gone through. I have a steady home, a good Baptist church I attend and great trustworthy friends. I've went to church all my life. For twelve years, I have went to Gulf Coast Baptist Church, for these recent Two years, I have gone to Tri-City Baptist Church faithfully. I am happy to report I have an awesome church home. :) I have a wonderful sister, Tabitha, and wonderful parents....Umm, well, something that saddens me is:1. As every girl is in some way, I am very self conscience of the way I look. I can't get over how I compare myself to other girls. It bothers me. I pray I will stop but I never do.

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