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My name is Jessica. I'm from the south (that's right, don't mess with this southern girl!). I play volleyball and have to really annoying younger brothers. I'm not really sure what to do with my life. I love acting and singing, but I also love science and the study of chemistry and biology. I'd love to find cures to diseases that have no cure yet. My goal would be finding a cure to that nasty common cold. Or maybe to Lyme's disease. I have family members with Lyme's and there is no cure, and it makes them miserable. (Google Lyme's and you will see why it is awful.) If I'm called to acting or singing, though, of course I'll go down that route. But for now, I'm thinking of somewhere in the medical field that studies cures. I'm stuck for now, but I know that God will help me find the career path He wants me to take. :)

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