Tanya Pichinevskiy

    My Name Is Tanya Pichinevskiy. I Am 16 Years Old And A Christian. I Have Noticed That God Always Tested Me In Life To Make Me Stronger. I Use To Always Put Myself Down For No Reason. I Kept On Praying And Asking God To Help Me. I Always Felt As If I Were Missing Something In My Heart. Then This One Special Moment When I Felt So Down, I Took Out My Bible And Placed It On My Bed. Then I Opened It And Went To Take Out My Compossion Book (I Loved Writting Verses Down I Like). Then I See A Rainbow On My Bible And It Shined On The Word LOVE. I Was SO Happy Because That Is What I Was Missing In My Heart, LOVE. God Is So Amazing! I Am So Happy To Be A Christian! Thanks To Jesus For Dieing For Us ON THE CROSS! I Thank And Pray To God Everyday For That! 🙂