Hey there 🙂 My name is Lexie! I was raised as a Catholic-Christian but I did not take it upon myself to be a Catholic until I went on a few church retreats and missionary trips a few years ago. After that, I began to pray daily, go to Mass, and live as a Catholic and now each day with God in my life is the best 🙂

    How to Handle Undetermined Relationships by PI Girl Lexie

    How to Handle Undetermined Relationships -Lexie Metzler (JESUS_CHICK_529) Boys…you can’t live with ‘em and you can’t live without ‘em! Some boys may make your heart pound and your face blush while others leave you confused; and boy do I know that feeling. What’s crazier is when a boy makes you feel both ways!  As a girl who is a senior in college and has been through the ringer with this, I feel it’s time to pass down my knowledge when it comes to this. I’m really close to this one guy and he’ll treat our hangouts like dates at times

    9 Giving Ways to Spend, by PI Girl Lexie

    Got a little extra cash on hand? Here are nine cool ways to do something good with it!