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About JesusFreakySongbird

Hi, my screen name is JesusFreakySongbird, but you can can call me by Katherine, my actual name if you want. I've been through a lot in my life. My brother had cancer as a baby, which really tested my faith. I've also been bullied all of my life and have struggled with self-harm, depression, and personal demons over the last 5 years. The Lord has been good to me, as I have woken up every morning, even when I have wanted to die. My passion is music, and I want to be in/ start a Christian rock band similar to Skillet or Red, to sing to God all of my life. Through music I want to help more people like me, and to show them that God can help them too. Thanks to Him, I haven't self-harmed in four years and am finding peace about who I am.

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