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About JesusIsMyLife2015

Hi! I am Christy, and I love music! I am very involved with the band program at school. I also love God. a lot. I dedicated my life to Him about two years ago, although I have believed in Him for most of my life. My faith has been a roller coaster over the past several years, but about two months ago, i really decided to seriously improve my relationship with God. Since then, it has been amazing how much happier I've become, overcoming depression and anxiety, and doing things i never thought i could do. I am ashamed to say that although I have not lost my virginity (which is very good that i havent) I have also done things I am not very proud of. BUT, God forgave me for that and all of my sins! I've turned my life around recently, and am just so happy. I bought a purity ring last month, and it has been probably one of the biggest faith helper I have made. I have a reminder that God is always with me, and a reminder not to give in to temptations. It is actually pretty cool! God Bless <3

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