Hi everyone :), My name is Jordan. I am currently in high school. Some things about me is that I look quiet and reserved at first but if you get to know me I am hyper as heck and I am hard to keep quiet unless I am either mad, sad, or not feeling good. I love to help other's. In fact I want to be a doctor and my sole motivation for doing so is that I will get to help other's stay healthy everyday. I love to volunteer but unfortunately don't do as much as I would like to. MY FAVORITE SPORT EVER IS SOFTBALL. I love softball. Last year was my first year and I started out pretty bad but im really good now. I love to read ,it is like a free movie in your head haha. I try to be nice to everyone I meet. Lastly I love project inspired. It is a great website!! I have a lot of brother's and sister that I love with all my heart. They mean the world to me. I want everyone to know that life is a test. A constant test and even though it feel's like everyone and everything is against. God is not. 🙂