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Hello! My name is Juliet and I'm currently seventeen years old. I'm a senior at my small high school and a part-time freshman as my local community college due to an honors program.I own two dogs and two birds, but I love horses and want to own one someday after college. I'm majoring in education to become a high school teacher. Most likely specializing in English or History.In my free time I participate in band, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Student Government and reading books. I love to write and watch heartfelt Hallmark movies. Countdown til Christmas is one of my favorite movie watching periods in time.I have a few best friends for life and they are all Christ followers and the center of my social life. Also, cooking, gardening and fashion/makeup are some of my other free-time dealings. I am a full on sweater enthusiast, but I believe that modest is hottest and try my best to be a good modest enthusiast as well.

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