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About KatieeBug1

Hi! I'm Katie, I'm an aspiring vlogger and motivational speaker. I live in Georgia, but I'm originally from Massachusetts. My older sister Kelli introduced me to project inspired. For fun I love to spend time with my horse, his name is Roany. I also love to travel, do schoolwork, read, hang out with friends, and sing! I LOVE food. I love helping other people and animals. As I've gotten older, I've realized that even though I've gone through a lot of hardships, God has blessed me 10 times more with amazing things. And not everybody is as lucky as me and I try to at least be a friendly face that someone sees.I've gotten bullied a lot in my life. Maybe if I start vlogging I'll share more about that, just wayy to much to type here. But long story short, it got extremely serious. Anyways, I'd love to meet and chat with ya'll! Anything you want to know? Just ask :) I'm always here if anybody needs to talk!

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