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Hello Everyone! Tut tut tut- what to say! Hm. Well I'm a home schooled chick born into a militray family. We move a minimum of every three years, with our current station on Hickam Air Force Base, Oahu Hawaii. I love art. No I seriously love art of any type, music, theatre, painting, sculpting- you name it! I also have a big interest in Creation, apologetics, and the Bible. I love my God! I firmly believe that the Bible is the sole source of truth in the world, as it is God's word and his word is always true. I take it literally, this includes the creation of the world written in Genesis. Though some may disagree with me (And thats alright, God knows my heart and yours and He'll work on the both of us!) I love to talk about scripture and God with others.Thats it for now, God Bless you!

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