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My name is Kellyn and I came to be closer to GOD after my family fell into financial hardship in 2008...I was in this group called "edge" at my church at the time, and one night we had Eucharistic adoration. Something came over me in that moment - I knew that HE was right there beside me. I let go of all of my worries, all of my fears, and all of my pain, and I just let him hold me. After that experience, I put GOD into everything I do. When I feel weak or incapable of achieving something or carrying on with what I have ahead of me, I take time to regroup - to pray - and I move forward. Growing up, my great-grandmother had the poem "Footprints" hanging in her bathroom...nearly every day I would read it. It wasn't until I realized the full extent to which GOD helps us accomplish all things that I realized the message of that poem - the words are powerful and true. I carry them with me everywhere I go, and I know that with my faith in the Heavenly Father, nothing is going to stop me.

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