hi my name is kelsee. i play softball and have my own shop online called kelseeskloset 🙂 i love nicole weider she is my role model i hope to be like her one day 🙂 i listen to christian music i love jesus an love to sing him i am also in a christian band 🙂 im 12 and when im 16 i want to go to beauty collage and lean how to do make up hair and more..after that i want to open my own salon and call it kelseeskloset 🙂 i have so many ideas i cant wait for it to happen 🙂 i want to be a fashion desginer to 🙂 i have made clothes before like my eastor dress a shirt and so much more 🙂 i love this website its awesome i tell every girl i know about it and they all love it :)i have alot of friends like emily ashley.w ashley.m bella and mel.. we all have a good freindship.....i got to met nicole and it was so fun hope to again 🙂 thanks guys have fun and God bless 🙂