Kelly Peters

    16 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 16-Year-Old Self by PI Girl Kelly

    I was a complete mess as a teenager and looking back I have learned and grown so much but, would like to share this so that others may learn from my example.   As much as school sucks actually take it seriously, the more educated you are before you graduate high school the better the chances are of you actually going to and making it through college. Them mean girls eventually grow up and some may even become your friends Don't obsess over calories! enjoy your good metabolism while it lasts something about turning 20 kills it be confident in whatever you do, confidence is the key to taking on any challenge big or small Don't try to show as much skin as possible seriously, i feel more beautiful in longer skirts now than anything that shows too much leg Boys should be the last thing on your list of priorities you aren't emotionally mature enough for a relationship & you are far too young for marriage so what's the point? that should be the goal   Your virginity is soooo special hang on to it and only give it to your husband life gets complicated fast the second you become sexually active Save money! seriously I spent soo much money on non essential stuff i could have paid for my college in cash or bought a really nice car When you turn 18 you will start getting stuff about credit cards don't get one until you are making substantially more than minimum wage You are awesome, even when you don't think you are  Don't get too attached to your friends in high school most of them wont be in your life in a few years anyways Play with your hair, do your make up have fun with yourself but, don't try to reinvent the beauty that God already naturally gave you Don't take what others say to heart you will be shocked where they end up in a few years Don't drink/smoke life is so much better sober I promise Find a passion and stick to it! drive and determination are essential in the work force Love God with all you have there will come a point in your life where no one can help you but him, you are not facing this world alone so long as you have him in your heart