Well, my name is Lauren. I am a fun loving, horseback riding, outdoors living, church going, kind of girl. I love my family more than anything. I live with my mom and three brothers and visit my dad whenever able. My parents got separated in March 2011 and have been divorced since March 2012. (No need for sympathy, it's all good. (: ) I can't say life is perfect as I've had my fair share of struggles, but it ain't bad. I take the challenges as they come and embrace the good times whole-heartedly. I love to talk and am almost always available if anyone just needs someone who understands or someone to vent to. I try to keep a cool head, but some things just drive me over the edge. I'll gladly listen to whatever anyone else has to say, but my own opinion will be heard at some point. Hope y'all have an awesome and blessed day! God bless! 🙂 <3