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About Lexi7

I gave my life to God during the year I lived near my best friend, and we became very close because of Jesus, and I got closer to my other best friends, too. I believe that God used her and many people I met during that year to bring me closer to Him, and that everything that happens is part of His plan for me, everybody, and the world. I believe that whether I see it or not, there is some way that whatever happens fits in. I've experienced that a lot of times. What I believe most is that Jesus loves me, and that's the most valuable lesson I've learned.I also love music, and worship, and I play the piano, guitar, clarinet, and I sing. I love writing Christian music. I'm also thinking about going to music for college. :) I believe that God wants me to pursue music and use that to worship Him and bring others to Him! :)

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