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Hey, so I'm Lily. Nice to meet y'all. ;P Anyways, so I've been a Christian since August 22nd, 2011 (I only know because it was exactly a week before...Labor day? Whatever that weird holiday is xD) Anyways, so I still don't know a lot about following God or how to listen to him (I have a thick head and literally the only time when I really knew where God was leading me after being saved was when it hit me in the face.) but I'm trying my best to learn. I'll probably ask a million questions, though...So um...yeah. I'm hoping to save my first kiss for my wedding day (It jut seems like the thing to do to me. Cuz ya know when they say "You may *now* kiss the bride"? I just think it'd make it that much more meaningful to save it for then and it also helps with purity) Also, if you watch any of the superwholock shows or Marvel movies, -fist bump-So I guess that's all I can think of...yeah.

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