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My name is Jennifer S. I am a 19-year-old college student in Oklahoma. It was at a weekly late Wednesday night college church event, called Haven, on October 3, 2012 that I gave my life to Christ. I had been an agnostic all of high school, because I didn't want to be associated with the "Christianity" that was in the area that I lived in. People were judged for not being this or related to that, and from what little I did know of the Bible and actual Christianity that you weren't supposed to that. So, I stayed away from Church, even after I had my car. My senior year I respectfully didn't completely bow my head in prayers. I felt what I know now was Christ with me through all of it, and a pull to at least open the Bible I have had forever. Then, I came to college, despite knowing this school was very Christian even though it is not a Christian college. I got involved in at relationship. It was toxic and ended because I wasn't Christian. MESSAGE FOR THE REST!

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