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About Mai Amy

"I hope that my stories can be heard from miles away". I grew up up in a tiny little island in the south pacific. Our way of life was so simple. We didn't have much but we were happy and we were always grateful for everything we have. No matter how simple or how hard life can be , we never felt alone because we know that we can count on each other for support. At 15 years of age I had discovered a great lost throughout the land. Not in wealth or in power but in experience and wisdoms. A certain type of informations that are often forgotten and misunderstood by the living and being kept secret and buried deep in the graves. I decided then for myself that I will learn everything that I could possibly could from the elders of our village. Everything that it could be beneficial to me. One of my favorite question to ask was related to dating or about maintaining peace and harmony in the family and how to be a good brother and a father. In many ways the knowledge that I had obtained from the elders blesses my life in many ways. It allows me to look at life ahead of time like looking at a great distance from Mount Everest. I had my struggles and my fair share of disappointments in life. I have many flaws and regrets but by learning from people who has been there and done that enable me to minimize my mistakes. I sure hope that as I share my experience , someone out here may come to find what they have been searching and longing for..!

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