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About Marissarulz

Hey! Marissarulz here (obviously) and I love to sing and go hiking in forests. Singing is my passion (that feels weird to say, but It's true) and I like doing it on stage the best because you get to dance too. Yeah, I know you can do that alone, but It's not as fun when no one's listening. I don't jump at the chance to sing for my friends though, because then I feel like a show-off and I don't like it. But what I do like, as mentioned earlier, is hiking in forests. It has to be a good forest though, not one of those cruddy sparse ones where you can stand at one end and see clear to the other end. Those aren't nearly as fun. I also talk to my internet friends a lot more than my real-life friends, which seems kinda sad until you realize that my internet friends are easier to get to talk to than my outernet friends, resulting in more time together. Man, I wanna meet them. But anyway, I'm a sarcastic girl who has fall as her favorite season. Ciao! (:

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