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Who the world thinks I am: Geekette, black belt in Taekwondo, Hermoine-esque in class, Aspie, fangirl, INFJ, etc.Who God thinks I am: His beloved daughter, regardless of how many times I mess it up!My passions: Fangirling over geeky stuff (Star Wars, Pokemon, Hunger Games, Divergent, Grisha Trilogy, Lunar Chronicles, etc.), writing, strongly pro-life, 1st gen feminist (if you want specifics, LOL), HEAVILY anti-human trafficking (online creepers... beware...), Christian apologetics, friends, fam, and Jesus.Pet peeves: Genuinely domineering people who make me feel like I need to be a freaking doormat to get along with them (and act like they know all when they do not), anything that screams PC (for the record, I am technically a Christian conservative LIBERTARIAN), when people either take advantage of me or break my trust. Not often super surly, though, and usually people seem to like me. ^.^ If you ever wanna chat, I'm on FB!

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