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Kate | 18 | Catholic | Lesbian | INFP | Slytherin | "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." - Oscar Wilde | I'm Kate, and I'm a lesbian, a poet, aspiring author, a senior in high school, a history buff, a raging feminist, a romantic, a lover of all things tragic, human, frightening or beautiful, and a sometimes-actress, always Shakespearean. I love my faith, Oscar Wilde, poetry and talking to people. I'm both brashly bold and witheringly shy, and these two battlements often go to war in my ribcage. I have panic disorder, chronic migraines, generalized anxiety disorder and seasonal depression. If you need a friend to support you through a mental illness or need help with your English homework, or want a nerdfriend, feel free to ask for my email!

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