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About mattanah

I want to be more like Jesus with each breath I take. He is my first love, and that will never change. He has opened so many doors in my life -opportunities for me to glorify Him- but by far, being in His presence and worshiping Him is so much greater than anything this world could offer.Outside of being a homeschool student, taking college classes at Union University, I am the founder and author of This Same Purpose Blog (thissamepurpose.blogspot.com); I am 2014's Miss Tennessee National Teenager; and I am a proud baseball sister!My vision is to see the bride of Christ be who she is called to be, and go into all the world preaching the gospel -spreading the joy and hope we have in Jesus. I look forward to the day when we finally see Him, and our faith becomes sight. But until then, I call myself a co-laborer with Christ; not a co-star. My desire is not to be the "one in front," but to be the one who points others to our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus.

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