Brittany Bailey

    Hi! My name is Brittany Bailey! 🙂 I'm 14 years old. I found my self needing God almost 2 years ago when my little brother who has autism,was sent to foster care away from my birth mom. Going through the foster care system my self,until I got adopted by my real dad and my step mom,I knew it wasn't fun. I got mad at God,and tried to run away,ignore him. I had hatred filled in my heart and though " you even love me?" And one day I realized that I didn't feel love....because I didn't have a relationship with love. (God is love) With the help of my best friend..I then found that true love,and decided to walk with Jesus. I stopped self harm,self pity,rejection of myself,and others and I was able to see my self as who God see's me as. And I knew I was to valuable for sin,I was made for more then that! And I turned my life around..and WHOAH! I got healed physically,began to be able to reach out to others,and most importantly know who God really is.