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I would be the first to tell you that I am a unique individual. And I don't just mean the "everyone is unique" mentality. I mean, I am not like most people, I act in ways most people don't or that they'd probably find a bit odd; and I enjoy things that most people would consider crazy or even immature, at least for someone my age. To start things off, my name is Clarissa. That's not a very common name, right? Let's just do a quick overview: I was born premature, I am blind, and I am possibly the skinniest person you could ever meet. I have dealt with some food issues, but I won't draw out the details here; way too personal. Right now in that area, I'm just working on staying healthy, eating right, fully accepting who I am (that's a hard one!) and allowing God's grace to work in my little life.I also have these weird little quirks: I can make "squeak" and "pop" sounds with my mouth, and for some reason I find this amusing. That's part of the immature side of me; I guess that girl is a child who never really grew up. lol And that child also enjoys playing with Legos and a rubber ball! I really like having my little nieces around so I can do all those childish things more often! :) I don't get to see them a lot, though, so it's a lot of fun when I do.And now for music: I have always been a real music junky, hence the username "musicgirl". Before my teenage years, I listened to a lot of pop, and that carried over once I discovered Christian radio. I'm not a teen anymore, but it's still my favorite style. Right now, some of my favorite artists include Natalie Grant, Britt Nicole, Mandisa, Kerrie Roberts, Francesca Battistelli, Rachael Lampa, ZOEgirl, Meredith Andrews and yes, I like Jump5, too. :)So I guess you want to hear something about my salvation story, right? Well, I've been pretty religious since I was twelve. Pretty much my whole family was like that for most of my teen years. And then, well, that's another way too personal story. It was only a couple years ago when I started struggling with food. It was during this time that I really experienced grace in a different way. And yes, I admit I still struggle, even now. But I am eating a lot better. Jesus literally saved my life! :)

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