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    Hi! My name's Natalie Noel. I'm fourteen years old, and a writer. I've been published once in a magazine and am in the process of being published a second time. I've been a Christian since I was twelve, and I have still struggled. But recently I was asked to share what God meant to me, and what my favorite verse was. As soon as I was asked this, I started thinking Savior, Redeemer, Strength, Safe Haven.... But God has proven His strength to me; when I'm down and ask for it, He helps me. God is merciful and forgiving. He forgave ME! He's going to turn my life into something beautiful for His glory, only because of His never ending grace. He's turning a mess into His glory at the rate that I let Him. God bless! 🙂 ~Natalie Noel~ Visit me at www.indianawriterblog.wordpress.com Jeremiah 29:11