Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.

    Five Fun and Inexpensive Date Ideas

    Knowing how and when to save money is a good thing – one of the most important virtues to have! But it can get really uninspiring to ration out a tiny “fun” budget when it doesn’t…er…stretch very far. In case you’re out of creative ideas to live it up, here are five fun things I like to do on the cheap!

    Things I Love: Ghirardelli Chocolates

    The ones with the caramel center are delicious, and no matter how I may be feeling, eating one of these makes me so happy.

    The People Who Produce Reality TV and Everything Else That’s In Your Face

    Women with no particular talent (they can’t sing, dance or act) but with entitled attitudes and loud mouths are becoming media darlings. Young girls often look up to them, wanting to emulate their look and oftentimes buying into the "I'm so fabulous with my Botox and Bentley" lifestyle. It’s heartbreaking to see more and more girls adopt this fame-seeking personality.

    Scripture I Love #1

    This powerful scripture truly is the real secret to everything in life that one would want. Love, happiness, health, financial security...nothing is too big (and no problem is too small) for God.

    How Cosmo is Lying to People

    I cover the January issue of this filthy magazine and show you how Cosmo is lying to us by claiming that casual sex hookups will always lead to love!

    My Favorite Books

    There are so many great books it’s hard to narrow down which ones are my favorites. These five books inspired me and helped put me on the right path and helped me believe in miracles. Miracles are real, people!