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Well hey there.. my name's Pattie and I have been a follower of Christ since i was little.. lately i have been having problems but who doesnt? Well... hmm.. anything interesting about me? Well.. i play the guitar, the piano, flute... and currently am self teaching myself how to play the violin (its hard)... um... i have three younger brothers, one that has autism, and my best friend is a childhood friend named Rossy.... I love fashion.. though im not usually up to date.. and i love.. ABSOLUTELY LOVE MUSIC!! i listen to it 22/7 (cuz if i said 24/7 that wouldnt be true.. cuz i have to do chores and takin my shower lolz) well.. that it i guess.. and if you ever need someone to talk with or someone to give you advice.. I promise u ill always be there.. maybe not physically.. but in my prayers and in my heart... your a sister in christ.. so i will value your words and honor and cherish your heart.. cuz you are a daughter of God...... and you are a jewel.. i know cuz i have been at the lowest of the low.. but God opened my eyes and made me see the value of life and has helped me see beauty even when you dont.. cuz who made your eyes? who made your face? who made you? And if you know he made you.. why would you question his creation? He is perfect.... so nothing he makes is unperfect.... he made you and put you into the most wonderful love story the world has ever known... just think about that.. well... i guess now thats it.. God bless you girls.. :)

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