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    Are You Bored and Want Some New and Creative Ways to Have Fun? Look Here!

    Have you ever gone "park-hopping" with your friends? What about going "Nerdsville" for a day? Or, my personal favorite, having a camp-out in your backyard with your buds?!?! Get all nine ideas.

    Dating and Temptation

    Read this important article about how you need to be careful when dating and when Satan tries to tempt you!

    7 Reasons Curse Words Are Harmful

    Read these important reasons why you shouldn't cuss!

    Why We Should Listen to Uplifting Songs That Glorify God!

    Read this wonderful article written by Project Inspired reader, Rachel, about why it's important to be careful about choosing the music we listen to!

    Two Great Books Recommend by Project Inspired Fan, Martha!

    Check out this great article written by Martha, recommending two great books! She's the second published author on here and just won a $50 gift card!

    “How to Dress Modestly” By Project Inspired Fan, Abbey

    This is an amazing article a girl named Abbey wrote me, on how to dress modestly. She's a fun teenager who loves God, and knows that you don't have to dress in a paper bag to be modest!
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