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    You Don’t Want to Be Famous. Really.

    Everyone gets jealous at times of people who seem to "have it all". Read this if you're struggling with these types of feelings.

    From Project Inspired Girl, Cara – Despite the Laughter, He Listened to God

    My favorite Bible story has special meaning to me because being unique and different as a Christian can be a good thing.

    From a Project Inspired Girl, Katie G – Why Self-Harm Doesn’t Hurt Just You

    One thing I can't stress enough - "self-harm" is a very misleading term. If you self-harm, you may think that since it’s your body, it only hurts you. This, however, is not true. It hurts others, too, including God, your family, friends, your boyfriend, even those acquaintances you barely talk to.

    From a Project Inspired Girl, Jessinia – Dating or Waiting?

    I made a promise to myself and God at the beginning of high school that I would not date at all during my high school years. I’m a junior now and have survived! 🙂

    From a Project Inspired Girl, Kaitlyn – Not Everyone in a Christian School is a Real Christian! Here’s What You Can Do!

    I go to a Christian School, and you would think that we are all strong Christians. I'm here to tell you many people at my school aren't, and what I do about it. You can use these tips too!

    Are You Holding Resentment For Another Person? Read This!

    I find myself reliving certain moments from eighth grade over and over again. Because of this time in my life, trusting people is beyond difficult for me. I am extremely self-conscious because of these girls. But, I've held on to my past for too long.