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Hello, or as I like to say, Aloha! I'm Catherine and I became a Christian when I was 8. (I also have a "spiritual twin", or my friend who was baptized on the same day as me!) I'm a non-denominational Christian, and a Republican. :) Um, let's see what else... Hawaii's where I call home, but I've been to the main land AND England. I love, love, LOVE reading, (can't get enough of it!!!) and my favorite books of the bible are Luke, Proverbs, Genesis, and Ester. (ahg, how do you spell Ester? Ester, Ehster, Esther, I'm confused!!!) I hope to be come a CTI or a linguist in the NAVY after collage, (Even though I'm pretty feminine, not at all a tom boy!) I don't have a boyfriend, nor do I intend to until my parents say, which should be around 15 or 16... (It depends on my maturity level) One other thing... I sometimes speak in a rather old-fashioned way that may seem nerdy to some people. I don't mind, of course, just wanted to throw that out there. :):):) I have a very vivid imagination, and love imagining myself into books. Characters in any book I read always seem very, very real to me. Indeed, I have "Friends: (characters from books or my books) who seem more real to me that some of my REAL life friends. Don't get me wrong, i'm not psychotic or anything, I don't believe in fairies or anything, and I'm not one of those 13 year olds who has an imaginary friend. I just love books, imagine and daydream constantly and love to write. :) Music is also essential to my lifestyle, and I love Franchesca Battistelli and Lindsey Stirling a lot!!! Um... more to come I guess! Cheerio!

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