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About QuannasLove

I'm a decently average girl, though slightly more crazy than the norm. I'm really into theatre and creative writing, and I hope one day to be a published author, as well as be Belle in Beauty and the Beast. I've no clue what else I'll be doing with my life, but I hope it in some way would be related to either theatre or writing. One of the important things that I've learned very recently is to think. The way I was raised, you take it, believe it, repeat it, maybe act on it, then you're done. That's the way most people are raised, and so they stick strongly to what they were told, or they get so sick of it they rebel strictly against it, all without thinking. Find the facts, meditate on them, pray about it. make your choice with God. Don't let others tell you what to think. YOU dig deep, and YOU find the answer. :D Have a fantastical day! May God bless you in ways unimaginable!

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