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About RockstarSewist

I love to sew and listen to rock music. Sounds like a odd combination but if you saw the clothing I make, you'd understand. My favorite bands are Thousand Foot Krutch, Icon for Hire, Flyleaf, and Skillet, to name a few. I love Christian music a lot, and I can barely listen to secular music anymore. I love making my own fashion statements and I wear whatever I feel like, not caring what people may think. I love to create my own clothes and it's one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. My favorite wardrobe choices are reconstructed band t-shirts, fun arm warmers, Doc Martens boots, and a short (but not too short) skirt over loud leggings. Besides from that, I also love to write, run cross country, play basketball, and I'm studying computer technology. You'll never figure me out!!! I love Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He saved me and I'm forever grateful. I'll never shut up about it and I make it my goal to show God's love to everyone around me everyday!

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