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About Sarisa

I won't reveal my real name on here b/c of personal reasons...but you can just refer to me as Sarisa or Sadie. I'm a Christian. I got saved on July 29th 2012. I still go under stressful situations, constantly being tested on my faith in God, and having trouble trying to keep clean. I'm 17, a country girl, raised in Montana, I love doing sports, reading, singing/listening to music, writing/dreaming of amazing fantasy adventures that aren't real, working on the farm, horseback riding, hanging out with friends, playing with my siblings, and thinking about my crush. I want to prove evolution wrong someday and better the education and lives of the children of this current era, because I think that "the good ol' days" were awesome. Also my favorite verse in the Bible is 1st Corinthians, Chapter 13. So that's me! Hello, and have a nice day!

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