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About Shayna

Hello there, my name is Shayna. Hmm... where to start in the story of my life. I wish I could tell you everything but there is a character limit here.I became a Christian when I was 4, but I wasn't baptized until I was 7. When I was 11 I moved to a different state, and I joined a new church and really grew in my faith during those years.When I was 15 my family moved once again, and on top of a lot of emotional issues I'd been having, I felt like I had lost everything; that I had no one to talk to, no one to trust; and I became very depressed.But one day, when I was writing in my journal about how much I hated myself and thought no one should love me, God came to me in such a personal way and told me "You don't have to hate yourself, because I love you."In the past year, Jesus has really been teaching me to be more confident in HIM, not myself. But His Spirit is in me, and I hope I can share just a bit of His love with all of you. :)

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