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About SlinkyKitty88

My name's Mary and I don't like it very much. I'm a dance teacher, and I'm married to my Geeky Ninja In Glittery Armor. He's turning me into a gamer geek (SWTOR FTW). I was saved when I was 5, and the hardest things I've been through are depression, a kind-of eating disorder, and when my kitty died... so I don't have an awesome inspiring testimony or anything. I have a blog. I don't update too much anymore, but I like to think it's funny. http://absentmindedinsomniac.blogspot.com/ I'm supposed to wear my glasses when I drive. But I don't. I drive a Mercedes named Clementine. She's from 1984, so she's kinda pokey. And she doesn't have cupholders. I meow at people. I accidentally bump my head on things a lot. I haven't seen my natural hair color in eight years. I hate politics. I like black. And green. And purple. I'm super good at fainting. Especially at the sight of blood. I'm 5'0". You could probably pick me up and throw me. Please don't. Is there a character limit to thi--

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