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My name is Kat. I have grown up in a Christian household, but I have only been a faithful Christian since a friend named Amy led me back to God in the summer of 2012. Until then I don't think I ever knew God for who he really is. I was baptized December 9, 2012. I consider that to be my real birthday, since I don't remember the day I was actually saved. I love God with all my heart and soul. Other things about me include but are not limited to= I sometimes make up words and I use them often. It confuses some people, but the people who know me just say "oh that's just Kat". I love tacos (including flaming tacos<3). I love to use colorful pens. It drives my teachers crazy but I don't care :P. I also like penguins and missions trips. Soooo yeah.....that's me :)

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