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Hey so here's my story! I'm growing up in a christian home and I have wonderful parents! I accepted Christ at a camp in Iowa when I was 11 and I am working on reading through the Bible currently! I really admire Nicole Weider as well as Jamie-Grace, and my friends Kira, Sarah, Mallory, Chris, and Abbie! I have a passion for working with people, whether it's babies, 1st graders, or guys and gals my age, God has given me a compassionate heart and I CARE!!!!!!!!!! I am currently pursuing my calling as a christian counselor to girls who have been pulled out of sex trafficking. I'm taking dual-enrollment classes at a christian college, working a babysitting job 2 days a week and working at a grocery store! :) Some of my goals are to go overseas on a missions trip, find and acquire the largest dark chocolate bar EVER, take voice lessons and sing on stage, get a car, and find my prince charming! :) Thanks for reading! --Joy (aka sportslover)

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