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Is this the bit where I tell about myself? OK, well, here goes! First thing's first: I'm Christian and proud of it! Random fact about me: I've been told that I sing very well. Random fact 2: I have a story for everything. My friends tested this claim by giving me random topics like flowers or zombies and having me tell a story that included the topic.About my comments on anyone's topic on this site: I'm sorry if I offend someone. I tend to be that person with no tact that loves to inflict their views on everyone. If you believe that a statement I have made is incorrect or does not reflect God's Word, please tell me and provide Biblical proof of your views. I will sometimes argue with you, but I'm just trying to root out what God actually says on the topic. Like my name, I'm still learning. Also, if one of my comments does not come with a Bible verse as proof of my point, it is simply my opinion and ask me to back it up.About my responces to comments on my topics: I sometimes will ask you to give me Scriptural proof. It has been drilled into my head over and over that no one's opinion matters, and only what God says counts. So please don't get mad at me if I ask you to back something up and I'll try to back my comments up as well as I can.

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