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Hi. I talk too much and spew my opinion everywhere. If you see anyone incessantly posting snarky comments around here, it's probably me. I'm reading the hunger games now. I have a MASSIVE deficiency in monoamine oxidase, but I'm currently venting my violence on my least favorite character in a book--the EVIL DARKLING-- I also love cats. I meow approval when i approve, and when I don't, I "rar." Any cat person will know what I'm talking about. Though all my friends seem to be dog lovers, so if you love dogs, I still want to be friends. Oh, except Scotland. Scotland is bad. But IRELAND IS THE BEST EVERRRR Aaaand I think acne and freckles are ADORABLY cute. And all my friends are nerds but i'm a stupid idiot but hey, what's the difference? If there's one thing I've learned it's this: LESS WORDS ARE BETTER, and if there's another thing, it's BE YOURSELF. Now I wish I hadn't said Divergent was the only good book in the series to "fit in". But the whole series sucks. And I write books!

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