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Hi, my name is Victoria. I grew up in church and a Christian environment since I was young. I always felt a connection with God and I knew my belief's and would stand up for them, but somewhere along the broken road I lost my way for a short time. And let me tell you that short time felt like forever. I knew it was wrong yet, did it anyway. Why, you ask? Because my "friend's"? Well, I could say that. But ultimately it was my choice. I thought it was fun and easy. Looking back now I'm glad I went through that, it made me realize just how much I need Jesus. How happy He makes me. How much He loves me!!! His love is something so unfathomable, I just can't even begin to explain it. He forgave me, He forgave you, and He will continue to Love and forgive us.. There are no limits to His Love.

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