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hi im angel and im 13 I have had a hard couple of years my mom OD like three times with medicine and now just a little ways ago she got drunk and hit a car with her truck then she just left it there no one was hurt thankgod but my mom was in jail for a day and now my parents are breaking up me and my mom were like bff"s so this is hard like the hardest thing I have ever done I will be going to school soon and that scares me to I have been home schooled all my life so this is going to change big time and that really scary but god is going to get me tho it I know he will please keep me in your prayers now to the fun stuff about me I love to draw horses and wolves I love angels and I can be fun to be around but sometimes im just a pain aww well that's ok Nicole is my hero and I hope she knows that you pi girls are awesome you need to know that god bless all ya girls and im a country gal yep so that the big stuff about me I know this I hope I can change the world some how god bless

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